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There are many reasons to learn to sail, the most important being it is a lot of fun. You embark on a partnership with nature driving your boat across the water. Sailing is invigorating, physical yet relaxing. Once you have learned the basic skills you can begin a life time of pleasure. You can travel, pass time entertaining your friends or engaging in friendly racing with the
club’s community. There will always be something to learn and new challenges to experience

Women on Water

Women on Water (WOW) is a great opportunity to improve your skills in a safe and constructive environment under the supervision of coaches on the water, with instruction in match and short course racing. Sessions are aimed at all skill levels.


WHEN: Thursday evenings starting 13th of October 2022 until the 30th of March 2023. Please arrive at 5:45pm. Each session is for approximately 2 hours depending on the weather.

PRICE: $80 for a block of 4 sessions.


EXTRA INFORMATION: Please note that spaces are limited to 16 people per Thursday. You will sail the RSAYS fleet of J24s with three or four other participants. We sail in most weather conditions except strong winds. Should we not be able to sail on any given day we spend the time working on some sailing theory and other practical skills that can be practised on the boat whilst in the marina or on the clubhouse lawn.

Email:    Phone: 08 8341 8600


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Adult Sailing Lessons

Individual Lessons 3x3hour sessions with a one on one instructor.

Single booking $550. Double booking $880.

Our adult course will give you the knowledge to sail a boat in light to moderate wind conditions within smooth waters.

You will develop the skills to: 

  • Prepare and rig your boat
  • Steer on all points of sail
  • Tack and Gybe
  • Docking

Your next lessons will work towards building your confidence and explore weather, road rules and chart reading.

We also cover safety and emergencies and managing your yacht in unexpected situations. Having completed this course you will have covered the fundamentals of sailing and embark on a lifetime of pleasure and engagement.


Email:    Phone: 08 8341 8600 



Adult Lessons Fee Schedule 2022