Althorpe Island

Althorpe Island

Althorpe Island

General Position:

35 22.4 S
136 51.8 E

Note: approx. only.
Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.


Shelter From:

Winds NW through W to SW

althorpe Is main 2

The main anchorage is in the small bay on the NE side of the island and south of the jetty, with good holding in 6 to 8m of water over sand. The exposed reef that extends to the north some 500m helps to give protection from the, at times, huge swell rolling into Investigator Strait from the SW.

If the wind is in the NW, some skippers choose to initially anchor in the lee of the reef and then relocate to the southern part of the bay as it goes round to the SW.– Oct 2011

Other Comments:

Date Author  Comments
Photos Alan and Fay Duncan, Amarina
There are two other anchorages, one each side of the southern end of the island for SE through E to N and NW to W, but I would prefer to use West Cape or Cable Hut Bay for these winds.