American River

American River
American River Pontoon

General Position:

35 47 S  137 46.5 E

Note: approx. only.  Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

All directions.
Note: strong winds (30+kts) from the WSW can produce uncomfortable conditions in the lagoon


Generally good holding in sand is to be had in the blind channel just north of Picnic Point – this area is largely free of the remains of disused moorings, something that blights the area nearer the wharf.

The channel into American River is marked with a lit entrance beacon and unlit poles: beacon/poles to be left to port when entering. Strong tidal currents are experienced through the narrows between Strawbridge Point and the wharf and further up into the anchorage.
Main wharf was built for commercial vessels, is high and has no ladders. Lower (and newer) extension to the north is occupied/used by local commercial boats.There is a limit of 4 hours mooring at the wharf on any given day unless prior arrangements have been made with the habour master. A penalty of $1,250 applies to each infringement. The harbour master is Ian King tel: 0418 822 718 or 8553 7003. VMR American River on CH 21 can also provide much useful information.
There is a boat ramp immediately to the south of the wharf – this and the beach to the north are used for landing / leaving tenders.They have recently added a floating T shaped pontoon here.Yachts can tie up on the outside of the T, the inside has rocks.(See photos below).Some facilities are located near the ramp/wharf ( toilets) but the main store is on the road along the foreshore, approx 1.2km towards Ballast Head.
Pelican Lagoon, to the south of the anchorage, is an aquatic reserve and all access by vessel is prohibited (this includes dinghies and canoes)
Many private moorings have been laid in the channel adjacent to the wharf and further along the blind channel to the east.

– Oct 2011