Arno Bay

Arno Bay Marina

General Position:

33 54. 97 S  136 35.03 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

All Directions


A small marina and boat haven have been contructed in the north of the bay. The pile beacons east from the entrance are cardinal marks marking a reef. Do NOT try and enter between them. The approach is made by running from the south close in to the marina wall. See below for a recent safe path. Care should also be taken when approaching and leaving the marina area as there are several moorings some hunderds of meters out from the entrance


There is room for half a dozen boats on the newly contsructed pontoons. It is a short walk to the pub at Arno Bay or you call call the publican on 08 8268 0001who will porbably come and pick you up and can provide a key. Arno Bay is 50 nm from Reevesby Lagoon and provides a good starting point for exploring northern Spencer Gulf.

-Feb 2007

Other Comments:

The following is a series of waypoints leading into the marina from the South and avoiding the reef.

W.P 1 : S 33 55’ E 136 35’ – Get Ready Position
W.P. 2 : S 33 55.95’ E 136 35.1 – Entrance to Channel
W.P. 3 : S 33 54.76 E 136 35.1 – Turn 90 to port into opening

Di Sullivan

March 2006