Avoid Bay

Avoid Bay
Avoid Bay

General Position:

34 40.1 S. 135 20.2 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

South-South West through East to North East


When coming from Port Lincoln the anchorage is usually reached by sailing around Price Island, which is the safer route, although an inside passage is possible, see notes below. Between Price Island and the anchorage there are submerged rocks that often break and which are marked on the charts. From the other direction the major obstacles are the Black Rocks which are clearly visible and quite close in to the shore.

The anchorage itself is situated behind a reef that provides good shelter although the swell can lick around the end at times making it a little uncomfortable. See photos below.

At the time of writing there were three moorings in the anchorage which can clearly be seen in the above photograph. They are in constant use during the cray season.One can anchor between these mooring and the shore, depending on your draft.


Avoid Bay is an useful halfway point between Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay. Unless one is prepared to sail at night you will need to use this anchorage. This is a wild part of of the SA coast and your only companions are likely to be seals, dolphins and the odd cray boat in season. Despite the name it is an attractive bay.

-May 2005

Other Comments:

A safe path to the anchorage at Avoid Bay after going around the outside of Price Island is shown below:

34 39.322 S 135 18.131 E
34 39.437 S 135 19.929 E
34 39. 990 S 135 20.252 E
34 40.065 S 135 20.219 E

Anchor at approximately:

34 40.107 S  135 20.161 E

Adam Wynn


Ion Ullet reports that you can sail between black rocks and the coast as the white water there is only foam. See photo link on left of this page. He also reports that you can sail between the south shore of Price Island and the breaking rocks.

Ion Ullet