Blanche Point

Blanche Point

General Position:

35 14.7 S 138.28.1 E
Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

Winds SE through E to NE


Located at the southern end of Maslins Beach, the area immediately off Tortachilla between Blanche Point and the reef approx 4 cables to the NNE provides excellent holding in 3m of water over sand some 200m off the beach.

The further south in the anchorage (off the southern section of the shore in the lee of the point), the less the influence of the swell due to the shelter afforded by the reef off the Point. According to Richard Johnson, the old BA2493 is more accurate than Aus 125, particularly with respect to the location of Gull Rock, which the latter shows about ¼ nm NE of its true position.
– May 2005


Other Comments:

In easterly winds, Blanche Point provides a most scenic anchorage, both during the day and with the sunset on the cliffs. However when the swell rolls in from the SW it can be quite uncomfortable. We have anchored there four times and twice moved on due to the rolling caused by the swell

Alan and Faye Duncan (Amarina)