Cable Hut Bay

General Position:

35 17 S  136 54 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

N to NW


Cable Hut Bay is the anchorage of choice in N and NW weather in the vicinity of SW Yorke Peninsula. The Western half of the bay seems universally rocky, there are sandy spots in the E half . The bay is shallow for quite a long way offshore. In 2-3 metres of water one is several hundred metres from the shore. Holding seems good in sand with light weed patches.

Approach from all directions is straightforward with the charted islands and rocks readily identifiable. The charted shoals can give rise to occasional, unpredictable breaking waves.
There is road access along the hills above the bay and a wooden walkway and lookout at the Eastern end of the bay

.- July 2005

Other Comments:

In light N weather the bay can be subject to some SW swell and in such circumstances West Cape Bay, despite its exposure to N winds, is probably at least as comfortable. Strong N or NW winds, in which Cable Hut Bay is ideal, can be followed by a SW change calling for a move to Althorpe Island. The nearest shelter from NE, E and SE winds is in West Cape Bay and a passage around Cape Spencer and between Emms Reef and Reef Point needs care, particularly at night.

Bob Hogarth

June 2005