Cape Jaffa

Cape Jaffa

General Position:

36 56 10.59 S 139 41 51.47 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

All directions.


Cape Jaffa Marina is a large developemnt that provides all round protection.

Cape Jaffa Anchorage Marina Location:

When approaching Cape Jaffa proceed to a point well North of the Margaret Brock Reef and North Rock.
Then proceed South East by East on a bearing 120 degrees True.
Co-ordinates for the Marina Channel entrance are;
Port day marker and 3 Nautical mile beacon:
S 36*56’10.594″ and E 139*41’51.476″
Starboard day marker and 3 Nautical mile beacon:
S 36*56’11.322″ and E 139*41’49.754″
Head to the channel entrance day markers and nautical lights.
After passing through the Channel entrance markers proceed by following the Port and Starboard day markers and 1 nautical mile beacons.
Marina Manager: Lindsay Gilchrist
Radio contact: channel 72 on 27MHz radio during business hours 7:30am to 5:30pm.
Mobile contact: 0418899748
Email contact: lindsayg@capejaffaanchorage.com.au

Rental rates:
12 metre – $35/day; $180/week

14 metre – $38/day; $195/week

15 metre – $40/day; $200/week


All the marina facilities have yet to be completed.  It is a very exposed place as there a few buildings and it can be quite windy although there is no swell or wave action. Fuel is  available but up against a very high commercial fuelling wharf. If a shower is required you will need to walk or get a lift to the nearby caravan park where there is also a small store. Robe and Kingston have many facilites but a car is needed to reach them, the marina manager may oblige you with a lift.

-Oct 2011