General Position:

35 05.5S. 137 45E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

NW through W to SSE

Edithburgh Anchorage:

The anchorage is located in a blind channel due south of the end of the main jetty, past the boat ramp and associated breakwater and opposite the old fisherman’s jetty, or a little further south if draft permits. The holding is not good, there being soft mud and weed – hence some skippers use two anchors in tandem. The further south, the more the shelter from the SE (behind Sultana Point).There are now three new moorings at the end of the blind channel for the use of RSAYS members.They are marked with red and yellow buoys.

Edithburgh has a reasonable range of facilities – hotel, fuel, supermarket, restaurants, etc, although these are quite a walk from the fisherman’s jetty or boat ramp. Edithburgh is widely known by boat crews as “windy city”, as the anchorage is often subject to quite strong winds from the SE and can be uncomfortable (albeit still quite tenable) in these conditions. With strong wind from the S or SE, the boat ramp breakwater can become an inhospitable lee shore.However, Edithburgh does provide a welcome and convenient stop-over point to or from Adelaide and points further west through Investigator Strait, especially if it is intended to use Sultana Passage.
– April 2006

Other Comments:

When departing anchorage in the blind channel beware grounding on its seaward bank (tide swings here up to 2 metres).

Barry Worrall