Emu Bay

Emu Bay

General Position:

35 35.5 S  137 30.4 – 137 32.8E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

W through S to SE


Protected from south-east to south-west by the curve of the bay. Holding is good off the beach in sandy patches. In SW or W winds stay north of the jetty in the SW corner of the bay, which has additional protection from the west by the reef that extends northwards from Cape D’Estaing.
As southerly winds back toward the east, Emu Bay becomes less comfortable than Boxing Bay because of refracted waves moving west-southwest across it.


The 2.5 mile beach is popular with islanders, who are able to drive along almost its entire length in suitable vehicles. A small township and caravan park overlooks the bay at the western end. A short jetty in the south-western corner gives easy access to the public road to Kingscote, only seven kilometres or so distant.
The photo shows an oblique view looking SE over Emu Bay. Cape D’Estaing in the foreground with the Bay of Shoals and Kingscote beyond.

-July 2005

Other Comments:

The reef to the North of Cape D’Estaing ends at a point a little south of

35 34.03S  137 29.55E

Barry Worrall


In SE to E winds, or even ENE, try just west of the reef at Cape D’Estaing. There is a rocky shore, but this rapidly falls away to good holding in sand.

John Wickham