House & Social Committee

The House & Social Committee is a standing committee under the RSAYS Constitution consisting of up to six voting members elected annually at the AGM in July and as many co-opted members as needed.

Our responsibilities under the Constitution

7.19.2 the House and Social Committee shall be responsible for promoting and organising social functions and events especially those aimed at encouraging fellowship amongst Squadron members; for advising and assisting the General Manager in overseeing the operations of the dining room and bar; for setting rules for the use of the Squadron’s library, recommending acquisitions of publications and for appointing an Honorary Librarian.

What we do

The House & Social Committee organises the formal club (House) events on behalf of the Squadron

  • Opening Day (1st Saturday in November each year)
  • Easter Regatta
  • Flag raising and Commodores’ dinner dance / Annual Ball (alternate years)
  • New Members receptions (twice per annum see Squadron Year Book calendar for dates)
  • 20 year Members’ Dinner (bi annual)

We also organise a variety of social events to foster the social environment / fellowship of our Club. Some of the other events we have organised in the past year are:

  • Keith Flint Sprint & Boxing Day lunch
  • Inkster end of racing season party
  • Squadron Fringe event

We assist with Food & Beverage (F&B) matters

  • We work with staff to ensure quality delivery of food and wine to member’s satisfaction
  • To create and promote events to foster the spirit of fellowship amongst members
  • We decorate and set up for social functions including the Christmas decorations
  • Advisory role on F&B matters

We provide member feedback to the Management Committee and F&B staff on matters such as:

  • External functions policy
  • Wine policy
  • Food style and presentation

Your House & Social Committee provides what we believe is a valuable balance between building and maintaining the social fabric of the club and keeping a financially viable focus for the dining room and bars.