About the Junior & Youth Program

The Junior Training at RSAYS follows the Syllabus of the Yachting Australia Dinghy Program. The training sessions are run on Sundays during the sailing season.

Yachting Australia Dinghy Program

This Program is intended to assist those who wish to learn to sail and race and to obtain the necessary skills to sail safely and enjoyably in a dinghy often called “off the beach boats”.The Dinghy Program makes learning to sail a fun and educational process. Great for kids and adults, this course builds confidence to sail and race in most conditions.The Program is designed to progressively teach you how to sail, starting with the essential skills in the first level, “Start Sailing 1″. More advanced skills and techniques are gradually introduced in each of the levels so that by the end you will be ready to start racing at your local Sailing Club. You don’t have to start at the beginning, but remember that you will find it difficult to learn the more advanced skills if you haven’t already mastered the basic techniques.The syllabus is clearly defined and presented in a highly visual and bright logbook that students can use to record their progress through each of the five levels of the syllabus.


The Courses:

  • Encourage high standards of safety
  • Offer encouragement of proficiency and skill development
  • Introduce participants to enjoyable dinghy racing and to give them the confidence to enter races
  • Offer a sound basis from which participants are able to enjoy racing a sailing boat
  • Provide opportunities and facilities for sailors to improve their racing standards.

The five different levels of the Dinghy Program are as follows.