General Position:

35 39 S 137 38 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

North West through West to South

Kingscote Anchorage:

There are three jetties at Kingscote. The first is the largest and is used for commercial shipping. The second is used by fishing boats etc and the third, furthest to the North, has a small pontoon with room for one or two yachts. Though only for short stays and  more suited to dinghies than heavier craft. The anchorage is just off the second and third jetty the holding is good in about 4 meters of water. There are several moorings that can be used but check with the harbour master.An alternate anchorage particularly in NW winds is just south of the main jetty. Weather from the South East to the North will necessitate a move to The Beatrice Islets or The Bay of Shoals. For all round shelter American River which is only a few hours away and is a lot more comfortable in strong winds.

Kingscote is the principal town of Kangaroo Island and has good facilities for visitors.There are two pubs, a laundry and restaurants as well as a large supermarket. Fuel can only be obtained in jerry cans. Water can be obtained from the middle jetty, there is a tap under a metal plate at the head of the jetty. Contact the harbour master at The Island Resort Tel: 08 85532100 or on Channel VHF 16, 80 or 77 for information on use of the jetties, moorings etc. The Island Resort will also provide hot showers for a moderate charge

.- Oct 2011