Memory Cove

Memory Cove

General Position:

34 57.7 S. 135 59.5 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

North West through South to South East


The anchorage is quite deep relatively close to shore. There are some moorings to watch out for.


Memory Cove was named by Captain Matthew Flinders in memory of the sailors drowned in Thorny Passage in February 1802. The islands of Thorny Passage bear their names.

It is a very attractive sandy, tree lined cove on the southern Jessieu Peninsula. It is quite popular due to its shelter and beauty and at certain times of the year can be a little crowded. There is a delightful walking trail south of the beach which gives good views of Thistle Island

– May 2005

Other Comments:

You can safely anchor in about 4.5 meters of water at approx. 34 57.67 S 135 59.50 E

Adam Wynn