Pondalowie Bay

General Position:

35 13.9 S  136 50.2 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

All directions Anchorage:The anchorage is in the Southern part of the bay. The holding is not good as there is only a thin layer of sand over the rock base. It may be possible to pick up a mooring. A shift in the wind to the North West will mean anchoring in the lee of the south island. You can anchor at 35 13.907S 136 50.244E but again watch out for moorings.Comments:
The bay is attractive with a few shacks and moorings. The approach must be made carefully. It is is essential to identify the three islands at the entrance to the bay. The South Island has a light on it and it is to the north of this island that the approach must be made. There is a submerged rock approx 500 meters North East of the South Island.”The recommended approach is between the South Island and the off-lying rock. Keep the high sandhill at the back of the bay just clear of the Northern side of the South Island and run in on a heading of 105 degrees to pass approximately 150 meters north of the island and well clear of the submerged rock.”Graham Scarce “A Cruising Guide to Historic Gulf Ports”Vol 2.c 1985 p 63

The photograph above shows the Pondalowie anchorage as seen from the South.

– May 2005

Other Comments:

There is another underwater rock close in to the North shore of the South Island.

Alan Duncan

May 2005