General Position:

38 21S  141 37 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

All directions


Either at the fishing boat precinct immediately to the west of the woodchip wharf or near the Council ‘marina’ area / jetty (see comments belowfrom Merry Abbey and Dave Mardle also most recent from Alan Duncan).


The main port is privately owned and is operated by Port of Portland Pty Ltd. Exports: grain, woodchips, logs, aluminium ingots, livestock, and timber products. Imports: alumina, petroleum, coke, fertilisers, sulphuric acid and liquid pitch.
Portland, overlooking the harbour, is a large rural city with all the facilities one would expect.
It is a busy fishing port, with a fleet of commercial fishing boats using the wharves on the western side of the harbour adjacent to the wood chip wharf.

A new repeater station has been installed on a tower at the Smelter which will pick up a VHF signal from as far away as 100 kms. If no response on Ch 16, the repeater allows you to change to Ch 81which has a stronger signal and will ensure a prompt response at all times. Regular weather forecasts and information will be broadcast on Ch 81

-May 2005

Other Comments:

Coast Guard Portland is now operational on weekends from 2000 hrs Friday to 2000 hrs Sunday (VHF, HF and 27meg). Because various areas of the port are controlled by different bodies, it is difficult to suggest any one contact name or number. It is suggested that visiting boats make their way to the fishing precinct to the west of the woodchip birth and tie up to one of the slipway finger wharves. As both commercial fishing vessels and recreational boats are moored in this area there is always someone around to assist with contacting the appropriate authority. Power and water are available and the cost is approx. $15-17 per night. Delivery of fuel can also be arranged. Security is excellent in this precinct. Only the big slipway is currently operational and is comparatively expensive.
For fleeting visits (eg, to shop) it is possible to tie up to the jetty adjacent to the town but power and water are unavailable.

Merry Abbey (Ranger), Portland, Victoria


Strong winds from the SE can result in an uncomfortable surge and from the East a covering of dust from woodchip operations when berthed at the main “marina” (Glenelg Shire) jetty.

Andrew Rooney (Tymara)

March 2001

Anchoring in the vicinity of, or on the track to and from, the small boat ramp in the “marina area” (to the south of the jetty) can result in uncomfortable conditions due to wash.

Dave Mardle (Tarooki), Gardners Bay, Tasmania and contained in the book A Slow Amble Along the Coast published Oct 1996 by Memoir Publishing ISBN 0 646 30116 0

Oct 1996

There have been occasions when Portland has been “closed” – I know these are extreme conditions but worth knowing.

Comment by Dave Mardle (Tarooki), Gardners Bay, Tasmania and contained in private correspondence to A Rooney

In March 2008, we intended mooring at the town jetty, but noticed that towards the end it was in disrepair with protruding metal brackets and timbers missing. It is not recommended.
Visitors can tie up at one of the three small jetties between the wharfs and slipways. (See photo) Telephone “Portland Ocean Steel Chandlery” on 55234858.
The cost as at March 08 was $28 per night. Toilets and showers are available.

Alan Duncan RSAYS

March 2008