General Position:

35 44.0S
137 43.53E

Note: approx. only.
Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.


Shelter From:

SW through S to SE


Redcliff or Redbanks is a picturesque anchorage situated on the southern shore of Western Cove in Nepean Bay close to a prominant point shown on the photo. It is more affected by swell than Rocky point particularly if the wind is at all East of SE.
The suggested anchorage is just east of the point in about 3 to 4 metres of water.


When approaching or leaving the anchorage, be aware of a rock about 3/4 of a mile NW of the point which is shown on later 780 charts but not the earlier ones. This is in addition to Frenchman’s Rock which although shown on the charts is relatively deep. There is another rock which is shown on the old 1869 chart of Nepean Bay situated about a half mile off shore and one and a half miles west of the point. One of our Squadron boats, fortunately steel, found this rock a few years ago, with no real damage.
In view of these rocks, the suggested approach is from the north east.

– Oct 2011

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