Purpose – To promote sustainability by focusing energy and enthusiasm for women’s participation at RSAYS by:

  1. Providing advice to the RSAYS Management Committee about planning and activity relevant to promoting women’s sailing and participation on the water;
  2. Providing advice to the RSAYS Limited about infrastructure development relevant to encouraging women’s and girls’ participation in RSAYS activities and membership;
  3. Contributing to RSAYS strategic planning relevant to promoting women’s and girls’ active involvement in sailing and membership;
  4. Coordinating promotion, organisation, and implementation of approved activities aimed at increasing participation of women and girls in sailing;
  5. Providing an avenue for coordinated mentoring and development of women and girls as active members of RSAYS;
  6. Facilitating consultation with, and feedback from, relevant stakeholders;
  7. Contributing to the Australian Sailing SheSails Network and activities.


Membership –Five (5) women members, 3 of whom to be voting members, with the capacity for the Committee to co-op members as required.  Nominations to be sought by the Management Committee, which will appoint the members.  The Committee chair to be a voting member elected by the Committee from among its members. Membership of the Committee would be for a 12-month term with the option for existing members to renominate.  The Boating Officer and a nominee of the Management Committee to be ex-officio members of the Committee.


Meeting frequency & Minutes – Frequency and form of meetings (i.e. face to face, virtual) to be determined by the Committee according to need, but no less than 4 times per year. Meetings to be minuted and provided to the Management Committee within a week of each meeting.


Liaison with RSAYS standing committees – The SheSails Committee will liaise with relevant RSAYS staff and standing committees around approved inter-related activities, during planning, development, promotion organisation and implementation.


Funding – The SheSails Committee may seek sponsorship and donations for approved SheSails activities, within RSAYS sponsorship and donation guidelines.  The Committee will liaise with RSAYS Foundation and the Management Committee about such income generating activities and the use of any sponsorship or funds donated.