Snug Cove

Snug Cove
Snug Cove

General Position:

35 41.5 S. 136 50.8 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

SW though S to NE


The entrance to Snug Cove is quite small and can be difficult to identify from sea-wards. A 25m conical rock off the northern headland (itself about 200m high) can be a useful marker. This large rock can be easily seen on the left in the aerial view above, which looks SE-wards.

The anchorage is where the entrance between the rocks opens out into a wide and sandy pool. Because of the restricted room, a short scope is all that can be deployed.


A very attractive little cove providing good shelter in all but north-westerly weather, when it can be extremely dangerous, as the entire north coast of Kangaroo Island may be! (Snug Cove has been nicknamed “Snug Trap” by those who know the number of boats that have been wrecked in it).
But though aptly named, this cove can be too snug if more than 3 or 4 boats seek anchorage in it (especially if some are cray-boats running lights and circulation pumps through the night!).
The anchorage at Kangaroo Beach a mile or so to the west provides a viable alternative. However, when proceeding west, beware of rocks just below the surface several hundred metres off shore.

-July 2005