South Neptune Island

South Neptune Island
South Neptune Island

General Position:

35 20.08 S. 136 07.17 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

Winds NW through SW to E


Located in the mid-point of the Eastern side of the South Island the anchorage is near the fishermans house/workshop. Anchor in 6-8 M of water on a sandy bottom.

There is a reef between the two Islands that should not be traversed, it offers protection from all but the heaviest SW swells.When approaching  South Neptune Island from the north; upon leaving Thorny Passage it is best to set a course for North Neptune – approx 160 degrees true and is 15 nautical miles south . North Neptune is larger than South Neptune and does not offer much attraction . South Neptune is a further 6 nautical miles south on a course of 155 degrees south .
When going ashore be aware there is a little kelp near the rocks on the beach. The island abounds with wildlife, with many birds,seals and sea lions. It should be noted that part of the film “Jaws” was filmed here so there are also plenty of very large sharks.
– Dec  2011

Other Comments:

There are some Cape Barren Geese nesting holes on the approach to the main cottage that may provide a challenge. Also the  wreck of the motor vessel Yandra is on the weather side of the island.

Barry Allison