General Position:

34 54 S  137 49 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

NW through S to ESE

Stansbury Anchorage:

Depths to the north of the jetty are generally adequate for vessels drawing less than 1.7m. However, holding is mostly poor, with extensive weed patches and a thin layer of sand covering a limestone substrate. There are quite a few private moorings in this area. There are now three new moorings for the use of RSAYS members.They are marked with red and yellow buoys.The depth gradually increases to the NE. Winds from a generally N to NE direction can lead to uncomfortable conditions in the anchorage.
There are some moorings off the main beach to the east of the jetty; however, these are in shallower water and suitable for drafts less than 1.2m.

Oyster Bay has a beach running from the spit around to the jetty. The town of Stansbury is immediately adjacent to the beach, with a caravan park at the eastern end. The town has a reasonable range of facilities, including toilets, fuel (petrol and diesel), groceries, hotel.
Immediately adjacent to the jetty is a boat ramp and small pontoon protected by a breakwater. Many fishing boats (both private and commercial) use this ramp and anchoring in the approaches to the ramp should be avoided. Tenders can tie up on the western side of the pontoon.
The jetty is in relatively shallow water, with about 1.5m depth at the outer end.
There is a sand spit running NE from the point, the extremity of which is marked with a lit beacon. This can prove difficult to see from a distance when approaching in the afternoon in sunny conditions from the east; it needs to given a wide berth to port, especially at low tide.
In winds with a strong west to north component, some find it convenient to anchor off the cliffs on the southern side of the spit, with Oyster Point bearing N magnetic at approx 1.5nm (ref C P Haselgrove)

– Oct 2011

Other Comments:

There are three moorings just North of the jetty. The Stansbury Jetty photo below was taken from one of these.

Adam Wynn

Stansbury Jetty