Thistle Island Mittlers Cove

Thistle Island Mittlers Cove
Thistle Island North

General Position:

34 57.4 S 136 05 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

E Through NE to N


Mittlers Cove is a sandy anchorage situated at the western end of Thistle Island, between Nose Point to the north and Carrington Point to the south. The eastern end of Hopkins Island is about 3/4 of a mile to the west. A reef, not clearly shown on some charts runs underwater from Nose Point at least half way to Hopkins Island. If approaching from the north, keep to within a few hundred metres of Hopkins Island. A smaller reef extending out from Carrington Point can be seen in the photograph taken from the anchorage.


The sound of the southerly swell on this reef is somewhat disturbing, but it does provide some protection from the swell.

-August 2005