Wedge Island West Bay

Wedge Island
West Bay Wedge Island

General Position:

35 08.8 S. 136 26.8 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

S through E to NE


West Bay anchorage is in about 10 metres on the western side of Wedge Island and frequented by cray boats.


When approaching from the north be aware of West Rock. There is a deep passage about ¼ mile wide between the NW corner of the island and West Rock. Although it may at times look intimidating, it is safe water right through.
Keep a weather eye out for any change of wind and be ready to leave the moment it comes in from the west as the anchorage could become very dangerous.

– May 2005

Other Comments:

Our first experience of this anchorage was several years ago when we were anchored in the lee of North Island in Amourette with Morning Hustler. At about 2300 hrs the wind had moved to the east and we followed Jamie through the passage between West Rock and the island in the dark. It was quite terrifying to hear the surf on the beach to port and also on West Rock to starboard. However in the morning when we could see where we anchored we were in about 10 metres of calm water in the SE corner close in to the cliffs.

Alan and Fay Duncan, Amarina


(from annotations in his cruising records)

Feel your way in on the echo along close to the southern shore. There is a reasonably shallow area close in where there is about 6 fathoms. A little way north of this it can be 10 fathoms or more.

Peter Osborne, Ranger