West Cape

West Cape

General Position:

35 14.5 S  136 49.8 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

South West to South to North East

West Cape Anchorage:

Enter the anchorage by keeping close in to southern shore in the lee of the cape. There is a reef to the north of the bay. Anchor close in to cliffs, see photo No 2 below for a distinctive rock formation opposite the anchorage. Some swell may lick around the tip of the cape but the holding is good and the anchorage generally comfortable

The bay provides better holding than Pondalowie. It is uninhabited and provides a perfect stop over point to and from Port Lincoln. The high cliffs of the cape provide excellent shelter from strong southerly weather. There is a beautiful beach and good fishing.

– Oct 2011

Other Comments:

Anchor at 35 14.568S 136 49.827 E in about 4 meters of water and this allows plenty of swinging room from the cliffs.

Adam Wynn