Winter Racing Nominations 2023

For Season 2022-23 all nominations, crew lists and payments will be made using the Top Yacht Entry System (TES)


Fees should be paid at the time of entry using the credit card option through the TES secure gateway.
The following fees apply:


Winter Series (6 races PHS & AMS – $90)

Please Note: Entry into this series includes automatic entry into the Hawse, Plympton & Le Hunte Cups at no extra charge.


Trophy Races only

(For vessels that have NOT entered the Winter Series above.)

Hawse Cup  (PHS & AMS – $20) – with Winter Race 1 (RSAYS vessels only)


Due to adverse weather conditions, the following races have been rescheduled:

  • Le Hunte Cup  (PHS & AMS – $20) – with Winter Race 4 (RSAYS vessels only)
  • Plympton Cup (PHS & AMS – $20) – with Winter Race 5 (for vessels from all clubs)


To view entrants, make series or casual entries, make payment and submit a crew list, click below:


An up–to–date crew list detailing all on board must be submitted before EACH race.

The simplest way to do this is through TES after you have made your initial entry.

The list will then be stored and be available to be confirmed/updated through a smart phone or tablet on the day of the race.

To create or update your crew list, click on the button below: