Winter Racing 2020

Winter Racing in 2020 has been restricted because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However Government restrictions are now being lifted and the following races will now be run by the RSAYS:

  • The Plympton Cup on July 19 (no cost)
  • The Inkster Memorial Race on August 9 ($15.00)
  • The Jimmy Howell Memorial Race on August 23 ($15.00)


In order to make a valid entry for one, two or all of these races, skippers must enter through the Top Yacht Entry System (TES) and pay the entry fee (if applicable) and submit a crew list.



Fees should be paid at the time of entry using the credit card option through the TES secure gateway.



A crew list MUST be submitted for each race. This simplest way to do this is through TES with your entry for the first race and that list can be confirmed/updated through a smart phone or tablet on the day of the race by going to



To enter, make payment and submit a crew list