Applying for a Grant

Applications for Foundation Grants should be in writing and addressed to the Chairman of the RSAYS Foundation.

All requests must address the following requirements:

•     Explain fully the purpose for which the grant would be used;

•    Explain how the grant would further the Objects of the Squadron;

•    Provide detailed information on the estimated cost of the activity or project and the amount of the grant request;

•    Provide a brief resume of the applicant’s association with the Squadron; and

•    All persons receiving a benefit from the grant must be members of RSAYS.


A request for a grant can be submitted at any time. However, the Trustees of the Foundation will consider such requests at the next Trustees’ meeting. Requests may be considered and grants awarded more frequently, at the discretion of the Trustees.


The Trustees reserve the right to provide only part of the funding sought by an applicant. There is no limit to the number of times an applicant can seek or be awarded a grant by the Foundation.


Successful applicants must use the funds expressly for the purpose for which the grant was approved.


It is a condition of the grant that a report on the activity or project be submitted to the Foundation upon completion.


To apply for a Foundation Grant for a Squadron project or activity, click the link below:

Foundation Grant Request Form