Useful Books and Cruising Guides

To purchase cruising guides etc in SA try Whitworths in Port Adelaide or Glascraft Marine at 340 South Rd Richmond Tel 8290 2200. Otherwise a very complete range of all books nautical is available from Boatbooks who have branches in Sydney , Melbourne and Brisbane you can order over phone or find them on the web at:

Cruising Guides for SA

Title Author Publisher Comments
A Cruising Guide to Historic Gulf Ports Vol 1 Graham Scarce c 1985 Kingsley Publications
4 Ti Tree Rd Hawthorndene SA 5051ISBN 0 9589703 2 7
Detailed and informative guide to cruising St Vincent Gulf part of 4 volume series covering all of SA. Detailed anchoring maps and lots of
historical information. The 4 volume set is a must for any SA cruiser.
A Cruising Guide to Historic Gulf Ports Vol 2 Graham Scarce c 1985 Kingsley Publications
4 Ti Tree Rd Hawthorndene SA 5051ISBN 0 9589703 3 5
Investigator Strait and Kangaroo Island
A Cruising Guide to Historic Gulf Ports Vol 3 Graham Scarce c 1986 Kingsley Publications
4 Ti Tree Rd Hawthorndene SA 5051ISBN 0 9589703 4 3
Spencer Gulf
A Cruising Guide to The Historic West Coast Vol 4 Graham Scarce c 1988 Kingsley Publications
4 Ti Tree Rd Hawthorndene SA 5051ISBN 0 9589703 5 1
West Coast
Anchoring and Anchorage in South Australia James H. Cowell c 1992 1996 Hyde Park PressISBN 0 696 122438 2 Definitive work on SA anchorages by a sailing legend. Good maps and local knowledge of many interesting spots in SA. Currently out of print but may be reprinted in the future.
Australia Pilot Volume 1 NP13 Crown Copyright 1992 The Hydrographer of the Navy Covers South Coast of Australia fro m Cape Leeuwin to Green Point. Although intended for large ships it actually has quite a lot of good information on various ports and anchorages as well as wind roses, westher info etc. This volume is due to be updated, vol 14 covering the East Coast already hasand is much better with a lot more information and photos .
Tides Tables for SA Ports Crown Copyright 2004 Transport SA and Flinders Ports As well as tide info. this book contains a lot of information on radio, weather safety etc. A must have on every boat.

Other Cruising Guides also Useful and Technical books

Title Author Publisher Comments
The Voyager’s Handbook-The Essential Guide to Bluewater Cruising Beth A Leonard c 1998 International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press A fantastically detailed guide to bluewater cruising. Everything you ever wanted to know, very complete and well written. Should become everyone’s bluewater bible.
The Reluctant Mariner Joanna Hacket c 2001 New Holland Publishers A great account of an araound the world trip by Joanna and her husband. Well written, witty and informative.
Cruising for Cowards Liza and Andy Copeland c 1997 Romany Publishing
Vancouver BC
Lots of little tips and insights oin this amusing book.Advice is given on absolutely everything.
The Complete Book of Anchoring and Mooring by Earl R Hinz
2nd edition, 1994
Cornell Maritime Press ISBN 0-87033-452-2. Very good information on anchoring and mooring by an engineer sailor with many years’ experience.
Australian Cruising Guide Alan Lucas c 1994 Imaray Laurie Norie and Wilson Ltd St Ives England A guide to the whole of Australia that is getting a little out of date and covers very little of SA. Some good info on anchorages and weather though.
Storm and Silence – A Portrait of the Tasman Sea by Joe Cannon, 2003 Deep Sea Press pb ISBN 0-9750573-0-8 An excellent book written by an accomplished sailor from Hobart about his circumnavigation of the Tasman

Sensible Cruising – The Thoreau Approach
by Don Casey and Lew Hackler10th printing ,1995 International Marine Publishing ISBN 0-87742-288-5 Subtitled “A Philosophic & Practical Approach to Cruising” and in it’s 10th printing, this book is one to savour and reflect upon while hanging off the hook in some remote anchorage
Sea Change by Mairi Hedderwick, 2001 Canongate ISBN 1 84195 106 4 Subtitled “The Summer Voyage from East to West Scotland of the Anassa”, this is an intimate account of a voyage along some of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world
The View from Pluto by Stuart Buchanan, 2002 Coral Coast Publications ISBN 0 9586433 1 8 Author of The Lighthouse Keepers [another excellent book], this well written and light hearted book chronicles the voyage of the H28 Pluto up the Qld coast and back to Manly
Messina News by Heather Campbell and Graham Henshaw 2003 Hesperian Press Carlisle WAISBN 0 85905 318 0 A cruise round the top of Australia from Fremantle to Townsville in a converted wooden crayboat. A well written, amusing and also tragic account of this couple’s courage and perseverance.
A Slow Amble Along the Coast by Dave Mardle published Oct 1996 Memoir Publishing ISBN 0 646 30116 0 A very personal account of his voyage around the coast (mostly single-handed) from Adelaide to Bowen and back to Brisbane in his 29′ SwansonTarooki. With astute observations about his own reactions as he faced the challenges of sailing alone (and occasionally with others) and of the places and people he met along the way, this is a book that is much a reference as it is the chronicle of a journey.
A Dawdle to the Derwent by Dave Mardle published Oct 2002 Memoir Press ISBN 0-9585160-1-4 Having turned north up the coast last time (see A Slow Amble Along the Coast), this time Dave was determined to get to Tasmania, a place he regarded as a potential new home, at least for a significant period. A well documented account of his journey from Adelaide to the Derwent via the north coast of Tasmania, there is a wealth of information about ports, anchorages, sea conditions and life on board, again from the perspective of a single-hander.Dave Mardle’s contact address is Helms Road, Gardners Bay, Tasmania 7112, phone 03 6295 0298


Title Author Publisher Comments

Sailing Alone around the World

Joshua SlocumEd . Tim Flannery c 2003(many othe edtions available) The Text Publishing Company. Melbourne The first man to sail solo around the world. A classic tale very well written and with fine detail. Flannery’s reprint also contains text from the marvellous Captain Crappo, another lone sailor. who crossed the atlantic in a little dory with a not so little wife.
A Voyage for Madmen Peter Nichols,c 2001 Harper Collins 2002
ABN 36 009 913 517
An amazing account, very well written, about the first solo around the world race.Full of great characters and extraordinary deeds.