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VHF Coverage, Channels and Skeds VHF repeaters cover all the SA coast on VHF marine channels 80, 81,82, 83, 21 & 22. A new Ch 21 repeater at Mt Macdonnell now covers Kangaroo Island, Investigator Strait and into the the southern waters of the Gulfs. This repeater became operational on September 10 2008. A new Ch 22 repeater at The Bluff near Mount Gambier in the South East now covers coastal waters from Robe into Victorian waters. This repeater became operational on July 25 2009. The map below shows the approximate ranges of the repeaters and the appropriate channel to call on within each area. These channels are monitored by the numerous volunteer marine radio base stations all along the SA coast, see below. A full listing of these stations can be found in the current edition of the Tide Tables for SA Ports which should be available in all marine supply stores.

This map is reproduced courtesy of Flinders Ports and the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure. Click here to download a printable version with more detail.

HF Radio Coverage, Frequencies and Skeds

HF marine distress frequencies are monitored by Coast Radio Adelaide and also by some of the volunteer marine radio stations. This station maintains a 24 watch on channels: 4125, 6215 and 8291 kHz also VHF Ch 16. The HF frequencies should be be reliable for up to 200nm offshore. The distress frequencies are: 4125, 6215, 8291 kHz. 2182 kHz is no longer monitored by Coast Radio stations but may still be monitored by some volunteer stations. Coast Radio will broadcast warnings for Auscoast Area E ( South Australian Waters) on 8176 kHz at 1327 and 1727 CST.

Weather Skeds

Weather information is provided at the listed times on the following stations. These stations also monitor emergency calls and some provide scheds for vessels making passage. A listening watch only is provided on some stations.

Station Weather Report Time Weather Report Frequencies Monitored Frequencies
Sea Rescue Adelaide (0700-1900 hrs) 0740 17101210 27MHz Ch 86 VHF Ch 67VHF Ch80 27 MHz  Ch 88, 86 VHF Ch 16, 80 HF 2032, 2182, 2524, 4125, 6215, 6227,8291 kHz (Scan Mode)
VMR American River (KI) 0720 16400735 17050815 1815 VHF Ch 21VHF Ch 80 HF 2524 kHzHF 4483 kHz 27 MHz VHF Ch 16, 80 and 21 HF 2524, 4483 kHz
Whyalla Sea Rescue  (0700-1800 hrs) 0805 1545 27 MHz Ch 88 -& 91 VHF Ch 73 27 MHz Ch 88 VHF Ch 16 & 82 UHF CB Ch 11
VMR Tumby Bay  (0700-1800 hrs) 0745 1715 27MHz Ch88 & 86 VHF Ch 81 HF 2524 kHz 27MHz Ch 88 & 86 VHF Ch 16 & 81 HF 2524 kHz
Coast Guard Ardrossan  (0700-1800 hrs) 0835 1805 27MHz Ch 88 VHF Ch 80 27MHz Ch 88 VHF Ch 16 &  80
VMR Port Lincoln  (0700-1800 hrs) 0745 1715 27MHz Ch 88 & 86 VHF Ch 81 HF 2524 kHz VHF 81 and 16 27 meg 88,90,91,94,96 HF 2524kHz
Sea Rescue Wirrina  27MHz Ch 88 VHF Ch 16, 80, 83 (Weekends only)
Sea Resue Edithburgh  27MHz Ch 88 VHF Ch 16, 80, DSC HF 2032, 2182, 2524, 4125, 4535, 6215, 6227, 8291kHz (Monitored 7 days/week)
Sea Rescue Copper Coast  (Wallaroo) 27MHz Ch 88 VHF Ch 16/82 (Weekends only)

Weather scheds are transmitted VMC and VMW HF stations. Both stations can be received in SA waters.

A list of the VMC and VMW frequencies is available from:

Further information on weather can be found at:

Forecast Areas for South Australia