Storage Fees & Rules


1 May 2018 to 30 April 2019


HARDSTAND – 8.2m Hardstands $1296 p.a.

DRYSTANDS – 9.1m Drystands $1921 p.a.

CONTAINERS – members supply their own 20ft containers (conditions apply) $1296 p.a.


Dinghy Storage – $259.00 p.a.

Casual Storage – Trailer, Mast, Jinker & Other $20.00 p.w.

All storage items are to have an RSAYS identity tag attached (available from the Squadron Office) and stored only in the authorised allocated areas of the Squadron premises.

Locker Storage

  • Small – $130.00 p.a.
  • Medium – $190.00 p.a.
  • Large – $259.00 p.a.

Maintenance Berth

For Members where work is being carried out on their vessel.

First two days FOC, thereafter $7.00 per night up to 7 days; 8 days and over $14.00 per night.

For Non-Members where work is being carried out on their vessel $30.00 per night.

Maintenance Facilities – $150.00 per day

Launching Permit

Applies to members where their trailerable vessels are stored offsite and with membership with no voting rights (form H to be supplied)  $343.00 p.a.

Launching Permit Sticker available from Accounts & Marina Administrator upon full payment.

For further information, please contact Marina Services at the Squadron Office:

Phone: 8341 8600



1 May 2018 to 30 April 2019

Casual Storage – Trailer, Mast, Jinkers & Other

All storage items are to have an RSAYS Identity Tag attached (available from the Squadron Office) and stored only in the authorised allocated areas on Squadron Premises.

Please refer to the attached map for the 2 approved storage areas for masts.

AREA #1 – This is the existing Mast Storage area on the Eastern Boundary

AREA #2 – A newly designated area on the unsealed NE end of the Hard Stand area. Please note no masts are to infringe on the grassed area.

AREA #3 – Dinghy Shed in the main clubhouse or SE Dinghy Storage Shed.

Storage fees apply to both approved outside areas and the sheltered areas on the main dinghy shed and the SE dinghy storage shed.

All other areas are not approved unless arrangements are made with the Squadron Office prior to the item being placed in the area. Particularly areas requiring emergency egress, access to maintenance facilities, general club aesthetics and function areas.

Penalties will apply to items stored in unauthorised areas without Squadron Permission. These fees and charges are listed below.

Currently Container Storage is only available on application and conditions apply.

Members are reminded to ensure that any contractors that they make arrangements with are aware of the storage and maintenance fees that apply. Members wishing to utilise the maintenance facilities (free of charge as part of their membership), particularly the yellow crane, mast crane and access to the sheet pile wharf are reminded to make a booking via the Squadron Office to avoid the inconvenience of double bookings and associated charges to contractors.

If you require fierther explanation, or would like to contact the Club to discuss your needs, the Squadron Office is open 7 days, Mon to Fri until 5pm and weekends until 4pm.