Donating to the Foundation

Donations to the foundation can be made as either:

1.     A tax deductible donation through the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) to one of three registered projects:

•    Equipment Fund e.g. Purchase of Equipment

•     Sport Development Fund e.g. Training and Development of Skills

•     General Facilities Development Fund e.g. Future Capital Projects


2.     A non-tax deductible donation directly to the Squadron which can be used for any worthwhile Squadron project.


The tax deductable donations through the ASF attract a 5% handling fee. Notwithstanding this fee, ASF donations remain a very tax effective way for most people to donate to our sport and our club.

To make a tax deductable donation through the ASF, click the link below:

Tax Deductable ASF Donation Form


Non-deductable donations don’t attract a handling fee. This type of donation may be a better option for people who don’t benefit from a tax deduction.

To make a non-tax deductable donation to the Foundation, click the link below:

Non-Tax Deductable Donation Form