Useful Apps for Smartphones

All these Apps are for iPhones but most or all of them are available for other Smartphone platforms as well. Please note that the RSAYS makes no claims as to the accuracy or correctness of information contained in these Apps.


This is an amazingly complete chart plotter for only a few dollars. It works just as well as many very expensive large models. It has a good tide function, maps update automatically and has already been very useful to many cruising Squadron members.

Oz Weather

The best App for Australian weather, it is the official B.O.M. one and has radar and Doppler wind as well. Also national weather charts, synoptic, radar etc. It covers The Black Pole as well so you can get an idea of conditions at sea near the Squadron.

Marine Traffic

A terrific AIS program that will show you all the big ships around you, or indeed anywhere in the world. Has photos and details of each ship plus wind speed at lots of points.

Rules and Signals

All the rules of the (marine) road, lights, buoys, flags, etc

Wind Alert.

Fantastic wind program will give you live details and graphs from everywhere around you. If there is a wind recorder somewhere it will show up on this program. It has grafts of recent wind speeds, current speeds, gusts and direction arrows.


Great program showing all the planets, stars and constellations with detailked data on them all, such as setting and rising times.

What Knot

Every knot you can possibly think of and many you can’t. Easy to follow and very clear. Animated displays of tying the knots.

I Save Web Pro.

Allows you to save a series of web pages so you can view and use if you are out of phone range. i.e. You can download the entire Squadron Cruising Guide and save it.


An App that contains the data from the nautical almanac. So if you want to use a sextant at any time it greatly simplifies the calculations.