Marina Information

Marina Housing

The squadron houses Marina Berths ranging from 10metres to 30metres with power and water utilities, Chain Moorings, Hard Stands for trail able vessels, Dry Stands for sport boats housed on jinkers.


RSAYS moorings are available to members at Edithburgh and Oyster Bay. For further anchorage information please refer to the Cruising section of our website regarding anchorage.


Various options are available for housing your vessel either by purchase or lease, for further information please contact the Squadron Office on 08 8341 8600 or via email:

Fuelling Service

24 hour access to diesel fuel is available off the Northern Maintenance Pontoon with high flow and standard flow pumps. A swipe card facility is situated at the berth for payment.


For your information the following rules apply:

  • The owner is solely responsible for any fire risk and spillage.
  • There is a total NO SMOKING policy on the fuelling berth.


The Squadron offers slipping up to 18 tonne for mono and multihull vessels at very competitive prices. Work may be carried out by the owner or a sub contractor that have completed their slipway induction at the clubs office.


All bookings for the Slipway are to be made via the Marina Supervisor on 08 8341 8600 ext: 1 or via email:

Maintanence Pontoon

The Squadron has two maintenance pontoons. These are situated on the Northern and Southern banks. Please refer to the By-Law’s for facility charges and usage. Alternatively, please contact the Squadron Office on 08 8341 8600 or via email:

Dual Launching Ramp

A dual launching ramp is located on the northern side of the property. A launching tractor is also supplied for members use. An annual Launching fee applies to members where their trailerable vessels are stored offsite.

Storage Facilities

The club offers small, medium and large sail lockers, dinghy storage, jinker & trailer storage facilities at an annual rate basis.

Etchell’s Slip

The etchell’s slip facility is a level rise slip for etchell’s or other sport boats that are stored on jinkers.

Mast Crane

A Mast Crane is available on site at member’s disposal.


All bookings for the Mast Crane facility are to be made via the Squadron Office on 08 8346 8600 Ext: 5 or via email:

Visitor Berths

Visitor berths are available (subject to availability) with power and water utilities readily available. All bookings for the Visitor Berths are to be made via the Squadron Office on 08 8341 8600 or via email:

Sheet Pile Warf Crane

This facility is a 3.5 tonne crane used to lift small to medium sports boats in and out of the basin. This crane can also be used to lift engines or any other heavy equipment from vessels.

Sail Drying

The sail drying area is located on the lawn adjacent to the slipway.


Oil & Other Waste Deposit Area’s


Located in the South Eastern corner of the property are Oil and Other waste deposit bins for Members to correctly dispose of this material.


Trolleys and storage carts are available for members requiring transportation between the car and your vessel.


All Marina Facility enquiries can be directed to the Squadron Office by contacting 08 8341 8600 or via email: