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Australian Maritime Safety Authority Detailed info on Marine Safety 24 hr contact numbers etc etc
Australian Communications and Media  Authority Radio information, permits and legislation etc.
Australian Hydrographic Service Official Gov. Chart Site. All Australian Charts listed here and available for order

World Cruising Wiki Cruising Wiki and forum covering the whole world. A lot of very useful information.
Cruising The World Under Sail A world wide Internet site related to cruising, itineraries, photos etc
Coastal Watch Worldwide Surf Cams, weather etc
Bureau of Meteorology National Weather Charts Colour and black and white 4 day forecasts and more. Don’t leave home without them.
Bureau of Meteorology SA Weather Forecasts Detailed Weather Forecasts for SA
Seabreeze, wind forecast and weather Wind forecast in graphical form for all coasts plus lots of other good information and links.
Transport SA Webcams Outer Harbour and Granite Island Webcams
GoogleEarth Free erial photos and maps of he entire globe. Can be zoomed to some amzing detail in some areas. Requires the downloading of a small program.
GoogleMaps Similar to Earth Google, see above, but does not require downloading.
Sail-World Major web site with sailing information from all around the world, soon to have an expanded cruising section.
International Burgee Registry A site with all the club burgees from around the world
Animated Knots Truly an amazing site with animations of all the knots you’ll ever need.
Lighthouses of Australia A wonderful site of the lighthouses of Australia listed and photgraphed by state.
Marina Guide for Australia
This commercial website has some good information on the various marinas in South Australia.