Black Point

Black Point

General Position:

34 36.5 S  137 54 E

Note: approx. only. Do not use as an anchoring point on your GPS.

Shelter From:

WNW through S to ESE

Black Point Anchorage:

Depths are generally adequate for most yachts. However, holding is mostly poor, with extensive weed patches and a thin layer of sand covering a limestone substrate. There are quite a few private moorings in the zone immediately off the beach. The area to the south east of the bay provides more protection from the sea breeze, especially when the tide is up. Winds from a NE to NW direction can lead to uncomfortable conditions when at anchor.

Black Point (or Port Alfred as it is marked on the chart) has a crescent shaped sandy beach lined with shacks and holiday homes. There is a sand spit running NE from the point, the extremity of which is marked with an unlit black pole. As this can prove difficult to see from a distance when approaching in the afternoon in sunny conditions from the east; it needs to given a wide berth, especially at low tide.
There are no facilities at Black Point. Care is needed when landing with inflatables as the beach has many razor fish around the low water mark.

Unfortunately, the increasing presence of PWCs, runabouts and ski-boats in the anchorage can at times spoil what is otherwise a peaceful location.

– May 2005